SRECon Americas 2018 Day 1 Review

Hi all,

This year marks my 3rd year at SRECon Americas. This year brings a 3-day format with the first day being exclusively dedicated to workshops. Hooray!

The workshops included:

  • Containers from Scratch
  • SRE Classroom, or How to Build a Distributed System in 3 Hours
  • Profiling JVM Applications in Production
  • Incident Command for IT - What We’ve Learned from the Fire Department
  • Kubernetes 101
  • Chaos Engineering Bootcamp
  • Ansible for SRE Teams
  • Tech Writing 101 for SREs

For the first session, I attended the Containers from Scratch session. As someone who understands the practical implementation of containers, I really appreciated seeing all the details behind it.

You can find the following resources from the presentation:

I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to see any of Brent Chapman’s session today on Incident Management, but after going to his BayLISA presentation two weeks back, I know it would have been great. You can find his presentation materials here

Bridget Kromhout did a detailed Kubernetes 101 session. From all accounts, it was awesome. You can find relevant materials here:

You can find James Meickle’s presentation on ‘Ansible for SRE’ here

Update (March 28th, 8am): Tammy Butow posted her materials from her Chaos Engineering Bootcamp workshop:

Update (March 29th, 12pm): Dan Luedtke did his own version of the Containers Workshop in Go. See the post here Finally, I spent a little bit of time in the LinkedIn Engineering booth, thanks for everyone who stopped by and say Hi! to us.

Last modified: 25 April 2020