2019 Devops Conferences

Decided to make a list again of 2019 Conferences. Feel free to ping me on twitter (@matrixtek and I can add anything I missed. January DevOpsDays New York City (24th-25th) February DevOpsDays Charlotte (7th-8th) DevOpsDays Geneva (21st-22nd) March QCon London (4th-8th) ScaleConf Cape Town (6th-8th) DevOpsDays Los Angeles (8th) IETF 104 (23rd-29th) Usenix SRECon Americas (25th-27th) DevOpsDays Vancouver (29th-30th) April QCon Beijing (25th-27th) DevOpsDays Tokyo (9th-10th) DevOpsDays Sao Paulo (10th-11th) DevOpsDays Seattle (23rd-24th) May DevOpsDays Austin (2nd-3rd) QCon Sao Paulo (6th-8th) DevOpsDays Zurich (14th-15th) DevOpsDays Salt Lake City (14th-15th) DevOpsDays Kyiv (17th-18th) Interop ITX (20th-23rd) KubeCon/ CloudNativeCon Barcelona (20th-23rd) June Monitorama Portland (3rd-5th) O’Reilly Velocity San Jose (10th-13th) Usenix SRECon Asia/ Australia (12th-14th) KubeCon/ CloudNativeCon China (24th-26th) QCon New York (24th-28th) DevOpsDays Amsterdam (26th-28th) July O’Reilly OSCon (15th-18th) IETF 105 (20th-26th) August DevOpsDays Minneapolis (6th-7th) September DevOpsDays Cairo (9th) October Usenix SRECon EMEA (2nd-4th) QCon Shanghai (17th-19th) Usenix LISA (28th-30th) November O’Reilly Velocity Berlin (4th-7th) QCon San Francisco (11th-15th) IETF 106 (16th-22nd) KubeCon/ CloudNativeCon San Diego (18th-21st) »

Publication Updates (Jul 22 2018)

In the past month, I have had the pleasure to be able to record a few podcasts and have some other work published. You can find it all here: Devops.com: The Importance of Soft Skills in Engineering Devops.com PyBay: Meet Michael Kehoe: Building Production Ready Python Applications PyBay Medium Fullstack Journey (PacketPushers): Michael Kehoe PacketPushers NetworkCollective: Michael Kehoe Network Collective »

Publication Updates (June 05 2018)

Hi all, I’ve recently updated my publications page with my latest presentations from: Interop ITX 2018: The future of Reliability Engineering Velocity New York 2018: How to Monitor Containers Correctly SF Reliability Engineering - May Talks Devops Exchange SF April 2018: How to Build Production-Ready Microservices Information Week: 3 Myths about the Site Reliability Engineer, Debunked You can also find me later in the year at: PyBay 2018: Building Production-Ready Python Microservices Velocity New York 2018: How to Monitor Containers Correctly »

SRECon Americas 2018 Day 2 Notes

Day 2 of SRECon started with an introduction from Kurt and Betsy (the Program Chairs) and then three set of plenary’s talks. The following is a set of notes I put together from the talks I went to today. If you Don’t Know WHere You’re Going, It Doesn’t Matter How Fast You Get There Nicole Forsgren & Jez Humble Slides found here. The talk generally was about strategic planning and measuring your performance/ success. »

SRECon US 2018 Day 3: What I'm seeing

The talk’s I’m wathing today are: Containerization War Stories Resolving Outages Faster with Better Debugging Strategies Monitoring DNS with Open-Source Solutions “Capacity Prediction” instead of “Capacity Planning”: How Uber Uses ML to Accurately Forecast Resource Utilization DIstributed Tracing, Lessons Learned Whispers in Chaos: Searching for Weak Signals in Incidents Architecting a Technical Post Mortem Your System has recovered from an Incident, but have your Developers The Day 3 Plenary sessions are: * The History of Fire Escapes * Leaping form mainframes to AWS: Technology Time Travel in the Government * Operational Excellence in Aprils Fools’ Pranks »