SRECon Americas 2018 Day 1 Review

Hi all, This year marks my 3rd year at SRECon Americas. This year brings a 3-day format with the first day being exclusively dedicated to workshops. Hooray! The workshops included: Containers from Scratch SRE Classroom, or How to Build a Distributed System in 3 Hours Profiling JVM Applications in Production Incident Command for IT - What We’ve Learned from the Fire Department Kubernetes 101 Chaos Engineering Bootcamp Ansible for SRE Teams Tech Writing 101 for SREs For the first session, I attended the Containers from Scratch session. »

Publication Updates (May 27 2017)

Hi all, I just updated my publications page with links to my SRECon17 Americas talks, my new LinkedIn engineering blog post. It was announced this week I will also have the privilege of speaking at SRECon17 EMEA in Dublin later this year. You can find me talking about: Networks for SRE’s: What do I need to know for troubleshooting applications Reducing MTTR and false escalations: Event Correlation at LinkedIn »

Monitorama 2017 Summary

The past few days, I’ve been in Portland for the 2017 Monitorama conference. The conference had to literally fail-over between venues Monday night due to a large power-outage across the city. Monitorama brought together a a diverse crowd of engineers and vendors to spend 3 days discussing on call, logging, metrics, tracing and the philosophy of it all. You can find the schedule here And the video’s for each day: »

Monitorama Review Day 3

Hi again, This is today’s notes for Monitorama Day 3. Link to the video is here Today’s Schedule Monitoring in a world where you can’t “fix” most of your systems Errors - Brandon Burton UX Design and Education for Effective Monitoring Tools - Amy Nguyen Automating Dashboard Displays with ASAP - Kexin Rong Monitoring That Cares (The End of User Based Monitoring) - Francois Concil Consistency in Monitoring with Microservices at Lyft - Yann Ramin Critical to Calm: Debugging Distributed Systems - Ian Bennett Managing Logs with a Serverless Cloud - Paul Fisher Distributed Tracing at Uber scale: Creating a treasure map for your monitoring data - Yuri Shkuro Kubernetes-defined monitoring - Gianluca Borello Monitoring in a world where you can’t “fix” most of your systems Errors - Brandon Burton »