Hello World: Creating this blog Part 2

In this post, we’re going to setup Netlify to deploy the website, setup DNS & HTTPS.

Netlify is a platform for building, deploying and hosting static websites. Netlify supports Vue.js, Gatsby, Angular, Next.js and well as Hugo.

Step 1: Create a Netlify Account

Let’s get started by creating a Netlify account.

Go to https://www.netlify.com/ and click on Sign up in the top right hand corner of the page. You’ll be presented with this page:

Sign up page

I highly recommend you sign up with an email address. Enter an email address and password and click Sign up. Unfortunately Netlify doesn’t support any 2FA methods.

Step 2: Create a site

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a button to create a new site from Git:

New Site from Git

Pick a Git provider and authenticate. In this example I’m using GitHub.

Pick a Git Provider

Then you pick the Git repository you committed your blog site to:

Pick your repo

And then you need to confirm your website build preferences as seen below:

Build Preferences

Click Deploy Site at the bottom.

Netlify will then deploy your site. It will be hosted on a randomly named domain (e.g. https://nostalgic-bhaba-4a8454.netlify.app)

Step 3: Setting up a custom domain

Now we need to attach our website to a domain name. Click on Setup a custom domain:

Setup a custom domain

You will be asked to put your domain name in here and click Verify:

Add your domain name

Step 5: Modify DNS

The final step to get your site running is to modify the DNS entries of your site to point to Netlify. In my case, I’m using https://www.gandi.net/ as my domain and DNS provider:

In the below screenshots, I create the ALIAS and CNAME DNS records: Adding ALIAS record Adding a www record

You’ll need to go back to Netlify and verify your DNS configuration.

Step 6: You’re live

After a few minutes, you should be able to access your new Netlify site via your registered domain name!

Thanks for following along. Don’t forget to reshare this page with your friends!

Last modified: 26 August 2020