SRECon US 2018 Day 3: What I'm seeing

The talk’s I’m wathing today are:

  • Containerization War Stories
  • Resolving Outages Faster with Better Debugging Strategies
  • Monitoring DNS with Open-Source Solutions
  • “Capacity Prediction” instead of “Capacity Planning”: How Uber Uses ML to Accurately Forecast Resource Utilization
  • DIstributed Tracing, Lessons Learned
  • Whispers in Chaos: Searching for Weak Signals in Incidents
  • Architecting a Technical Post Mortem
  • Your System has recovered from an Incident, but have your Developers

The Day 3 Plenary sessions are:

  • The History of Fire Escapes
  • Leaping form mainframes to AWS: Technology Time Travel in the Government
  • Operational Excellence in Aprils Fools’ Pranks

Come and say Hi if you see me!

Last modified: 25 April 2020