My Next Play (Part 2)

My Next Play Today I’m thrilled to announce that I’m joining Confluent as an infrastructure security engineer. I’m excited to be able to bring my SRE skills and practices to the security space at Confluent. Over the next few months, I will be posting some thoughts on interviewing and the hiring/ recruiting process that I experienced.

My Next Play (Part 1)

Today marks the end of my journey at LinkedIn. Nearly seven and a half years ago, I joined LinkedIn as a new college graduate and realized a dream to join a large company as a Site Reliability Engineer. Over that time I have had the privilege of wearing many different hats both inside and outside of the SRE organization. I have been lucky to make some amazing friends over my time at LinkedIn and work on some really fun and challenging problems. I have learnt a lot about what it means to be an engineer but also how to connect with my peers. A special thank you to some amazing people who have been a part of my journey; Nina Mushiana, Doris Tong, Michelle Carrega, David Cintz, Benjamin Purgason, Ashi Sareen & Lauren Jolda. Thank you to everyone else who has been a part of my time at LinkedIn.

Recruiter Reachouts

Recruiter Reachouts One of my colleagues Benjamin Kane wrote this article about how he plotted recruiter reachout’s on his LinkedIn profile. I thought it would be interesting to do this myself so here’s how it looks. The final result Observations It’s rather obvious but after I got my first full-time role at LinkedIn, my reachout’s started growing. After my promotion to Staff SRE, there was a reasonable jump on reachouts. As Covid started, reachouts became sparse In July 2020, reachouts again jumped thanks as companies started hiring again Files Python Script SQL Script plotly script

My favorite LinkedIn Engineering Blog Posts of FY20

One of the hats I wear at LinkedIn is technical editor of the Linkedin Engineering Blog. In FY2020, I’ve edited 17 of our blog posts (and written one). I want to highlight my top 5 favourite posts of the Fiscal Year: The Top Five A look at our biggest SRE[in]con yet Analyzing anomalies with ThirdEye Eliminating toil with fully automated load testing Open sourcing DataHub: LinkedIn’s metadata search and discovery platform How LinkedIn customizes Apache kafka for 7 trillion messages per day Other posts I’ve edited (in order of date posted): DataHub: A generalized metadata search & discovery tool LinkedIn NYC Tech Talk serices: Engineering Excellence Meetup Solving manageability challenges at scale with Nuage Empowering our developers with the Nuage SDK Upgrading to RHEL7 with minimal interruptions Coding Conversations: Four teams, three tracks, two offices Advanced schema management for Spark applications at scale Open sourcing Kube2Hadoop: Secure access to HDFS from Kubernetes The impact of slow NFS on data systems Scaling LinkedIn’s Edge with Azure Front Door Monitoring business performance data with ThirdEye smart alerts Faster testing on Android with Mobile Test Orchestrator Building LinkedIn Talent Insights While I can’t give too much away, in FY21, the LinkedIn engineering blog will have features on some of our largest data systems as well as more deep-dives on how we built our features.